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I used to have a raw table of all data at the end of this survey but as the file got bigger, I decided to go another route and provide a once-in-time csv snapshot. There are about 13,000 records in this file which should be enough numbers to occupy all you nervous pregnant math nerds out there. As always, I love feedback. If you see something interesting/weird/problematic/inspiring in this data please email me (spacefem at spacefem dot com).

Download csv (1608 KB)

idUnique ID for this survey entry
surveydateUnix timestamp
IP IDEach IP address is assigned an ID
firstname IDEach name is assigned an ID. This is to help with duplicates.
motherbirthyearMother's birth year
motherbirthdateMother's birth date as a Unix timestamp. For confidentiality reasons I don't store exact birthdate, I pretend everyone was born on the 15th of the month.
multiplesHow many babies were being born. 2 = twins, 3 triplets
poundsBaby weight in pounds
ouncesAdditional ounces
gramsBaby weight in grams
previousbirthsHow many births the mother had before this one. 0 = first baby.
previousbornondayBased on IP address, names and dates, this is the born on day for the mother's previous birth.
duedateDue date
lmpdateLast menstrual period date
birthdateDate baby was born
bornondayGestation time in days - difference between the date the baby was born and LMP date. If LMP date isn't known we assumed it was 280 days before the due date.
duedatebaseWhether due date was determined by ovulation, LMP, or ultrasound
inducedInduced = 1, spontaneous = 0
cesareanCesarean = 1
sexBoy or Girl
excludeWas this record excluded from charts for some reason (see page 1 for reasons)

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